About Us

    BAIT is a hardware and vendor agnostic provider of software, training and consulting.

Kevin Berisso - Principal

    Kevin has over 15 years of experience in the AIDC industry, starting as a project engineer at a custom warehouse management software company. He is currently the director of the AIDC Lab at the University of Memphis, where he is involved in bar code and RFID research as well as teaching both an AIDC class, a RFID class, and robotics and automation classes.

    In addition to his educational duties, Kevin has developed numerous software packages - both off the shelf solutions and customs applications. He has also worked as a manufacturing engineer at Delphi Automotive, providing for a well rounded understanding of both the business side AND the production side of many applications.

    Kevin is an active member of the AIM Global Technical Symbology Committee (TSC), the AIM Internet of Things committee, participates in the GS1 BCID Technical Group and received the 2012 Ted Williams Award from AIM Global which is "presented annually to a professor or student in recognition of innovative and exceptional contributions that can further the growth of the industry through their work as a teacher, researcher and entrepreneur."