Various AIDC related links.

AIDC Trade associations

  • AIM Global - General AIDC trade association.
  • The Biometric Consoritum - a focal point for research, development, testing, evaluation, and application of biometric-based personal identification/verification technology.
  • EPCGlobal - Electronic Product Code standards organization, a driving organization behind RFID.
  • IBIA - International Biometric Industry Association.
  • ICMA - International Card Manufacturers Association, serves the dynamic plastic card industry
  • Material Handling Institute of America - the leading non-profit trade association representing the material handling and logistics industry.
  • Smart Card Alliance - A not-for profit, multi-industry association working to accelerate the widespread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology in areas such as banking, computers, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, and the entertainment industries.

AIDC Organizations

  • AIDC 100 - a not-for-profit, self-sustaining, non-political organization of AIDC professionals.

aidc informational sites

AIDC Hardware Providers

    (these are companies that we like for their pricing and/or service - we have NO financial stake in any of these)


AIDC Hardware

    (this is hardware with which we have had extensive development experience - if you have something not listed, let us know and we will work with you to ensure a functioning solution.)

  • Alien RFID Readers - Industrial, Gen2, EPCGlobal UHF RFID readers
  • Phidgets - USB based interface boards (good for an inexpensive I/O solution)
  • RFID ME from MTI - USB HID based Gen2, EPCGlobal UHF RFID readers